My project

I’m doing a  PYP Exhibition project about fashion

Fashion has also has negative and positive out comes. There are 3 major problems with it they are :

  • They kill animals for their fur and skin.
  •  Poverty some people can’t effort it.
  • When the factories are doing our clothes they use chemicals and then put the wastes  in the seas.

So I wan’t to solve these problems so I chose problem 2 and 3. To solve these problems I am going to collect clothes for poor people because they can not effort it.I am also going to collect signs to force factories to stop using chemicals and stop throwing the waste away to the seas.

And I  am going to  have t-shirts made and I am going to sell them and give the money to Greenpeace to help them with their projects. On the t-shirts there are going to have information about sea pollution.And now that you know I did this web-site to inform you about my project.